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Wednesday, December 26

Persuasion 2007: A Sneak Preview

Rich lonely girl loves poor boy. Poor handsome boy loves rich girl. Interfering Lady Russell puts a stop to the romance.

Eight years later, lonely not-so-rich girl still yearns for boy, who earned his fortune fighting the Frenchies. Nouveau rich boy returns handsomer than ever, ready to settle down.

He's still in love with ... wait, he barely recognizes girl, because girl is wan and drawn!

Drat. She's lost her bloom. (This is an era before L'Oreal makeup.)

Much to our suspense, circumstances force handsome boy and wan girl together.

They yearn. They steal looks. Their hearts pitter patter. Girl starts to bloom again.
Boy proposes in a letter ('cause he's been burnt in person one time too often). Girl runs like a tri-athlete through Bath and accepts offer before she loses boy again.
They live happily ever after and he buys her a big mansion. Oh, and he's a great kisser. Much to his delight, she not a bad kisser either.

End of preview.

Our lucky neighbors up north get to see Jane Austen's Persuasion this Sunday at 9 p.m. We who live South of the Border must wait until January 13th for the Jane fun to begin on Masterpiece Theatre.

Happy Boxing Day! And please participate in the contest posted below for a chance to win a free copy of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James.


Anonymous said...

Amusing summary, but do I detect a hint of sarcasm?

Vic said...

Loving sarcasm. I have no talent for irony!

Anonymous said...

Irony is tough. I leave that to Jane! Thanks for the good laugh.

Anonymous said...

WOW. okay. all i was looking for was a trailer..thanks for ruining the book and the wow. BYE
thanks again WOW