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Tuesday, December 4

TVO Canada Links to Jane Austen Blogs, Including Jane Austen Today

How cool is this information? TVO Canada, the public broadcasting station of Ontario, has linked their wonderful new site to mine (Jane Austen Today and Jane Austen's World). Not only does the station exhibit exquisite taste in choosing moi (and Austen Blog, Jane Austen Fans, and Austen-tatious), but they are featuring new videos, cameos, photos of the new ITV Jane Austen movies, and information about Jane on their site.

Click here to view TVO videos about:

1) Heroines and Marriage, 2) Manner & Morals, and 3) Teen Queens :) The online comments are made by Eileen McCurdy, founder of the London, Ontario Chapter of the Jane Austen Society, Louise Yearwood, Jane Austen Enthusiast, and Elsa Solender, President of JASNA, 1996-2000.

Click here to learn more about upcoming Jane programs.
Watch Northanger Abbey on December 16th.

Mansfield Park, December 23rd

Persuasion, December 30th

Happy viewing to our neighbors up north! In the U.S., Masterpiece Theatre will begin showing The Complete Jane Austen in January, 2008.


artidkc said...

Congrats! That's really something to have your blog linked to TVO. I've just come back from a visit to BATH. Walking the paths that Jane had trodden and beholding the very City and buildings that she had seen have heightened my appreciation for her writings, particularly Northanger Abbey. I've posted fresh pics of JA's BATH from my trip...just thought you and your readers might be interested. Thanks for writing and keeping such an interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention I've moved to Wordpress from Blogger. You can find Jane Austen's Bath at
Thanks again.

Vic said...

Those are beautiful shots of Bath. Thank you for sharing!