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Wednesday, January 23

Spotlight on Billie Piper

Although Billie Piper is not a household name in America, we Yanks might be interested to know that she's a popular, well-known celebrity in England - a singer turned actress turned author. At fifteen, she became the youngest singer with a number one hit record. She's appeared in popular British television series, and was given the choice to play one of Jane Austen's three heroines. Billie chose Fanny Price. Are Billie and Fanny a good fit? You'll soon find out this Sunday night.

Something Deep Inside, Billie Piper


Tina Ann Forkner said...
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Linda Merrill said...

I don't know who she is, but I think she looks too contemporary.

Charleybrown said...

I was lucky enough to videotape the 3 new Austen movies in December when they aired in Canada. I've watched Northanger and Persuasion but have not yet brought myself to watch Mansfield...Billie Piper does not strike me as a heroine and the saucy picture you found of her reinforces my desire to NOT watch Mansfield. As an Austen fan, I will probably watch it one day but these new versions don't seem to be any improvement. (save for Northanger Abbey which wasn't as well known)
btw, love your blog!

Vic said...

Linda, you missed this fiasco because you are vacationing in Paris, you lucky person. Charleybrown, thank you for the compliment. You made my evening!