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Sunday, February 10

Miss Austen Regrets Images

I am certainly no expert when it comes to creating screen captures, and many of these images are dark or blurry, but I believe they are unique. The sequence starts with the family picnic towards the end of the movie.

Cassandra draws Jane

We'd have made each other laugh.

Tell me now that you regret it.

What would have been the point?

We'd have been too poor.

You're poor anyway.

I would not have prevented you from writing

I simply went off the idea of marrying anybody

Sequence of Jane's last illness

Everything I have ever achieved I owe to you

Because of you I chose freedom

Fanny understands Aunt Jane is ill

Cassandra burns Jane's letters

Cassandra and Mrs. Austen at Fanny's wedding after Jane's death

Fanny, last scene
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