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Sunday, March 9

Mark Strong, a Darkly Handsome Mr. Knightley!

Mark Strong plays Mr. Knightley to Kate Beckinsale's Emma in the 1996 A&E Production of Emma written by Andrew Davies. Goodness, but this man is aging well. His film career is thriving (6 films in one year), though he's transitioned from hero and leading man into a smooth villain. Never mind. Many women love men who are dark and dangerous. I'd say Mark fits that bill to perfection. Click on the following links to learn more about him.

The Mark Strong Information Page links to a large series of pictures of Mark Strong as Mr. Knightley. Click on English, for the blog is also written in German.

Mark Strong, the Ubiquitous Bad Guy:This blog discusses Mark's transition to bad guy in film roles.

Speed the Plow. Mark stars with Kimberly Williams in this play by David Mamet. Find his biography on this site.

Stardust: There are several photos of Marks as Septimus on this movie site.

Here's an assessment of Mark's performance as Mr. Knightley on Ellen and Jim's academic and informative blog.

Left, Mark as Septimus in Stardust; Below as Mr. Knightley (speaking to Mr. Weston).

YouTube video of Mark as Prince Septimus to the tune of Black, Black Heart by David Usher.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Strong is yummy! The sad thing is that I never even noticed him in his role in Emma until after I saw him in Stardust. The role he plays in Miss Pettigrew is closer to Septimus than Mr. Knightley, but the 1930s look good on him too!

Vic said...

I've always thought he would make a perfect Mr. Rochester or Heathcliff. Are you listening Hollywood?

Joy said...

Mark Strong is so handsome. I agree that he would be perfect as Mr. Rochester!

Anonymous said...

dam,he is fine looking,such a dangerous.

Anonymous said...

looking aura about him.