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Sunday, March 16

Pride and Prejudice, the Musical Contest: Win a Free CD

Let's have some fun, Janeites! Last year Rita Abrams and Josie Brown created Pride and Prejudice, the Musical. I suspect it will be just a matter of time before you'll see this show in a theatre near you. Meanwhile, Josie and Rita have generously donated one of their CD's to be given to the winner of this contest.

If you wonder what Rita and Josie's songs sound like, they have been placing a full song on their website every week. Click here to listen to this week's selection with Mr. Darcy. You can also hear samples of all the other songs here.

Your task is easy: To the left and below I have put together my ideal Pride and Prejudice musical cast. You can disagree with my choices. Just leave a comment suggesting other singer/s and in which role they should sing. You may make as many suggestions as you like, but all your nominees must be singers. At the end of two weeks (March 29), I shall place the names of everyone who left a suggestion in a hat and draw the winner. (Please note: The Contest is CLOSED)

Josh Groban as Mr. Darcy & Emmy Rossum as Lizzy Bennet

Jane Bennet: Jewel
Mr. Bingley: Chris Brown

Mrs. Bennet: Dolly Parton
Mr. Bennet: Bruce Springsteen

Kitty, Lydia, & Mary: Sugababes Mr. Wickham: Gerard Butler Meryton townsfolk: The Osmonds

Miss Bingley: Sheryl Crow
Mrs. Hurst: Fergie

Lady Catherine de Bourgh: Bob Dylan
Mr. Collins: Sanjaya

Charlotte Lucas: Janis Joplin

Lady Lucas: Barbra Streisand
Sir William Lucas: Roy Orbison

Mrs. Gardiner: Queen Latifah
Mr. Gardiner: Sting

Posted by Ms. Place, Jane Austen's World

The contest closed a few minutes ago. We placed the names of all the entrants in a hat, and drew one. Jane Eyre 5381 won a Pride and Prejudice, the Musical CD. Jane, please email me your mailing address at msplace71 at yahoo dot com.

I loved the suggestions that people left, and will tally the top suggestions for a future post.


Anonymous said...

Ewan McGregor as Mr. Bingley. Aretha Franklin as Mrs. Bennet, and Carol Channing as Lady Catherine de Bourgh. (Though Bob Dylan is a brilliant selection.)

Anonymous said...
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Nan Lorain said...

Josh Groban would be a very tempting choice for Mr. Darcy, but then again how about John Mayer? Dashing, indeed! Jack Johnson as Mr. Bingley. Ingrid Michaelson is lovely, and might be able to handle Lizzy. Jewel is a perfect choice for Jane. Maybe Jackson Browne as Mr. Bennet. Hannah Montana as Kitty? What a fun contest!

Vic said...

Oh, what lovely suggestions. Yes, I thought of Hannah Montana, but I hadn't thought of Kitty. Lovely suggestions!

KT said...

oh, I say helena bonham carter for mrs. Bennet! hahaha and Johnny depp for Darcy? sorry too much sweeney todd! well, I do love the bob dylan selection! I also think that james marsdan (sp?) would be a great mr. bingley!

Vic said...

The Sweeney Todd connection is so funny. I love the alternate Mr. Bingleys. This cast is shaping up to be so interesting!

Karen in Maryland said...

Mr. Darcy - Jim Sturgess
Elizabeth Bennett - Fergie
Mr. Bingley - Dhani Harrison
Jane Bennet - Rachel Wood
Lydia - Hillary Duff
Mr. Wickham - James Blunt

Vic said...

Karen, Now that's a Pride and Prejudice Musical I'd like to see too. Fun, talented, and young.

Anonymous said...

Allison Krauss as Jane Bennett

Vic said...

Oh, yes. Such a sweet voice! Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I think John Mayer would be an excellent Wickham! (Someone suggested him for Mr. Darcy earlier). I think Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) might be good for Lydia. She would be closer in age than many of the suggestions. I like The original suggestions for Darcy and Elizabeth!

Nan Lorain said...

I actually lost sleep thinking of this the night I posted; ideas kept swirling around in my head! And yes, Beth Rang, my major dilemma was, although I adore John Mayer, he would be much more suited to Mr. Wickham, wouldn't he? And try as I may, why can't I find a place for Sarah McLachlan?

Vic said...

I wish I had thought of John Mayer. In fact, the list keeps changing in my mind too! I will reveal the names the creators of this musical are thinking up. Josie and Rita lean toward David Hyde Pierce or Jason Alexander as Mr. Collins, however. So Sanjaya is out. Hah!

Leesy said...

Baja Janeite said:

How about Natalie Grant for Lizzy, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) for Mr. Darcy, KJ-52 for Mr. Bennet, and Becca Barlow (Barlow Girl) for Jane?

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely say Justin Timberlake for Mr. Wickham and Paris Hilton (I'm still annoyed that she's allowed to sing in public) as Lydia! Gerard Butler as Mr. Darcy, Miley Cyrus as Georgiana, Emmy Rossum as Lizzie.

Vic said...

Paris Hilton as Lydia!! How droll. And Leesy, KJ-52 as Mr. Bennet is a choice I never would have thought of, but it just might work! Thank you both for your contributions.

Unknown said...

Well, I 2nd Jack Johnson as Mr. Bingley. I suggest Rod Stewart as Mr. Bennet, Justin Timberlake as Wickham, and Harry Connick Jr. as Darcy

teri said...

For Mrs. Bennett I think Reba would act it well. She can be ditzy when she wants to.

For Mr. Darcy, I think of some one shy with strength so I think Josh Groban would be good too, but I don't know how well of an actor he would be.

Anonymous said...

Shannon says:

Can't you just see Taylor Hicks as Mr. Collins? And a smashing Lady Catherine would be Julie Andrews.

Nat said...

so awsome i hope the cast would be a funny but great choice i would def. go and see it :-)

Dr. Elmo said...

A surprise Mr. Darcy, Snoop Dog. Strung out Lady Catherine, Amy Winehouse. A proper Mr. Bingley, Toby Keith.

Anonymous said...

dr. elmo might just start a trend. Trace Atkins for Mr. Bennet and Shania Twain for Mrs. Bennet.
The Dixie Chicks as Lydia, Kitty, and Mary. Carrie Underwood as Jane and
Weird Al Yankovich as Mr. Collins.

Lady Jane said...

Fabulous contest, Ms. Place! I will have to post my cast later, after I have thought about the roles. :)

Maggie said...

Josh Groban has the most incredibly gorgeous hair to play Darcy! He may look young at 27, but he certainly has the singing voice for the job. It would be interesting to see him cut his teeth as an actor!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Wilson as Mr Darcy (he could do the haughty approach better than Josh)

Amy Adams as Lizzie

Josh Groban as Mr Bingley (he's more suited for Bingley's carefree adorable personality)

Isla Fisher as Jane

Linda Merrill said...

Gerard Butler - totally a Darcy. Love Josh Groban, but he seems more of the earnest and sweet Mr. Bingley to me.

Emmy Rossum is def. Eliza Bennet. And she and Gerard had smoldering chemistry in Phantom.

Hugh Jackman as Mr. Wickham. Understandable why he's so appealing to the ladies, but still can be a rake.

Bette Midler as Mrs. Bennet
Barbra Streisand as Lady Catherine
Alan Cumming as Mr. Collins

Amy Adams as Jane

Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens as the younger Bennet sisters.

Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan as Mr. Bingley's sisters.


Anonymous said...

Posh Spice as Caroline Bingley!

I love the idea of Ewan MacGregor as Mr Bingley. I think Helena Bonham Carter's a little young for Mrs Bennet but she might make a good Caroline as well...

Damien Rice for Mr Darcy? Hawksley Workman for Mr Wickham?

DanielleThorne said...

John Mayer as Darcy. Kelly Clarkson as Elizabeth. Michael Bolten as Mr. Bennet. FERGIE would be a good Carolyn Bingley. Elliot Yamin for Mr. Collins, Jessica Simpson for Jane, and Michael Powder for Charles Bingley. I really want to win that CD but must add, though she doesn't sing and that would be fitting, for Mrs. Bennett, Rosanne Barr.

DanielleThorne said...

John Mayer as Darcy. Kelly Clarkson as Elizabeth. Michael Bolten as Mr. Bennet. FERGIE would be a good Carolyn Bingley. Elliot Yamin for Mr. Collins, Jessica Simpson for Jane, and Michael Powder for Charles Bingley. I really want to win that CD but must add, though she doesn't sing and that would be fitting, for Mrs. Bennett, Rosanne Barr.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Wickham-antonio banderas
Mr.Dacry- Gerard Butler
Mr.Bennett- Michael Crawford

Anonymous said...

There are so many good choices that could be made. Some of these are ones that I agree with from other people.
Patrick Wilson- Mr. Bingly
Ewan McGregor- Mr. Darcy
Whickham- Josh Groban
Mr. Collins- Jason Alexander
Jane- Cristy Carlson Romano
Elizabeth- Emmy Rossum
Kitty- Hannah Montana
Lydia- Ashley Tisdale
Mary- Beverly Mitchell
Mr. Bennett- Kenny Rogers
Mrs. Bennett- Reba
Lady DeBourgh- Angela Langsbury

Anonymous said...

Here's my two cents:

Elizabeth Bennet - Stephanie J Block/Kathy Voytko

Mr. Darcy - Hadley Fraser

Jane Bennet - Laura Osnes

Mr. Bingley - Sebastian Arcelus

Lady Catherine - Carol Shelley

Miss. Bingley - Idina Menzel

Mr. Bennet - Lenny Wolpe

Mr. Wickham - Marcus Chait

*The names above have been taken from casts of 'The Pirate Queen', 'Wicked' and 'Grease'.

Lady Jane said...

Ok, here are my ideas for some of the singers (some the same as Ms. Place's):

Josh Groban as Mr. Darcy: He isn't proud and aloof like Mr. Darcy, but Josh's Voice is the only one worthy of Mr. Darcy.

Emmy Rossum as Lizzie Bennet: She has a gorgeous voice and would be fantastic as Lizzie.

Michael Buble as Charles Bingley: His voice isn't as classic as Josh's, he can be adorably goofy, and I think he would be a great Bingley.

Carrie Underwood as Jane Bennet: Beautiful voice and beautiful girl. Perfectly suitable for Jane.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Mr. Wickham: He's super sexy and can sing, as he did in August Rush.

Anonymous said...

I think Carrie Underwood or Amy Adams would make an awesome Jane Bennet. And Josh Groban for Mr. Darcy is a genius idea!!! And I think James Marsden would be a great Mr. Bingley. Mr. Wickham could be played by Zac Efron.

Neya said...

Oh, wouldn't Michael Jackson make a great Lady Catherine?
And Johnny Cash as Mr. Bennet wouldn't be too shabby either.

Little Lady said...

Hugh Jackman = Darcy
Anna Netrebko = Elizabeth
Josh Groban = Bingley
Emily Blunt = Jane
Carrie Underwood = Lydia
Aly Michalka = Kitty
AJ Michalka = Mary

That would be SUPREME! :)