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Monday, July 21

The Jane Austen Centre's July Newsletter Arrives

The Jane Austen Centre’s July 2008 issue of their newsletter arrived in my mail box this morning, and it has some very interesting links and articles to read at their website and online. Here are a few of the highlights. Check it out!

The Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop has been renovated! Easier, faster and fun. Who could ask for more Jane stuff all in one place?

The Regency Debutante: An online article from their online magazine by Linore Rose Burkard looking at how Regency debutantes are different from other fictional heroines?

What’s in the next Regency World Magazine? A must have magazine for all Janeites. Learn about eating in Jane Austen’s times, the Regency World Awards, and the Jane Austen Festival taking place in Bath in September.

Take the Pride and Prejudice Quotes Quiz: Do you know who said, “If I were as rich as Mr. Darcy…I would keep a pack of foxhounds and drink a bottle of wine every day.”? Test your knowledge of one of the most quotable books in Austen’s oeuvre.

If you love keeping in the know of all things Austen, then you too can receive the complete monthly newsletter by signing up at The Jane Austen Centre’s wonderful website.

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