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Sunday, August 3

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

What’s a throwdown? On the Food Network, chef Bobby Flay challenges other chefs by trying to outcook their signature dishes. The food is judged by a guest chef who has no idea who cooked the meal, and the results are seldom boring, sometimes surprising, and always interesting.

Here is how the Jane Austen throwdown will work. I will nominate characters from her stories, and you get to choose which one suits the category best. Jane’s novels should be the impetus for your votes, but if you have only seen the film adaptations, then that’s ok too. The throwdown will always pit two characters against each other until they’re eliminated. Bear with us, and you will see what we mean!!

Keep in mind that you are not choosing your favorite character. You are choosing the individual who fits the category best. The poll sits at the bottom of the post

The Longest-Suffering Heroine

Miss Fanny Price
Taken from the bosom of her family at ten, she’s had to endure years of Mrs. Norris’s vicious put downs and second class status among the Bertrams. To add insult to injury, she’s forced to play confidante to Mary Crawford and Edmund Bertram, the man she’s loved since childhood, and watch Edmund's affection for Mary blossom. Of high moral character and fortitude, she is frequently at odds with family members, even though her position and financial situation are precarious. Always helpful, ever patient, and grateful for small favors, she possesses a clear, moral vision.

Miss Anne Elliot
Advised to reject the proposal of the man she loves, she’s lost her bloom and regretted her decision for years. Unloved by her father and older sister, used frequently as a babysitter by her younger sister, Mary, Anne is forced to watch Captain Wentworth flirt with the Musgrove sisters. Her closest confidante, her dead mother's best friend, remains nonsupportive of Anne's enduring love for the dashing captain. She's a sweet, kind, sympathetic, and level-headed woman, whose loyalty and steadfastness are unquestioned.

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Jane Austen Character Throwdown: Longest Suffering Heroine

Fanny Price Anne Elliot

Posted by Vic of Jane Austen's World


Nigel said...


I could not seperate my favourate character from the vote because Anne Elliot has such resilience, courage and kindness while Miss Price, my second favourate female Austen character, is still fairly young and inexperienced?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Fanny Price by a longshot! Anne was ignored by her family; Fanny was verbally abused by Aunt Norris for most of her life. She had to live without a fire in her room, couldn't participate in activities she should have been able to, and got banished to Portsmouth for refusing to marry Henry Crawford. Anne never had to go through anything quite like that (even though she's my favorite character).

Unknown said...

I had to go with Fanny. I think the quality of Anne's suffering was worse because she was older and her youth was behind her. However, Anne also had a confidant and supporter in Lady Russell. Fanny's only confidant and supporter, Edmund, essentially betrays her.