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Thursday, September 25

Lost in Austen, Episode Four

So how was the last part of Lost in Austen? Not long enough to tie up all the loose ends in a satisfactory way. Amanda gets her man, and Lizzy receives her wish with Mr. Bennet's blessing, but we don't spend enough time with her even in this last episode, which seemed rushed. Those who hated this mini-series will find the ending just as dissatisfying, and those who liked it will wonder what exactly happened to Caroline Bingley, Lydia Bennet and George Wickham at the end. Lizzy loves her life as a nanny in our age, but we only spend a few minutes seeing her maneuver around in a modern London household.

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Look for our more detailed reviews later this week on Jane Austen's World and Austenprose. Meanwhile, I leave you with this fuzzy screen shot of Amanda kissing Mr. Darcy.

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Shauna said...

Dear all knowing-and-wise-Jane-gurus, can you PLEASE tell me (a poor Yankee sop) that soon the "Lost in Austen" series on DVD will be coming to an locale near me?!

I've been quite annoyed that we can no longer get it on YouTube, as I only got halfway through the first epoisode, and now the notation says something about copyright issues and no longer available.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Shauna, the commentors on Austenblog will lead you into all sorts of fruitful directions.

Nigel said...

What would Lady Catherine say?

Andy said...

Chilling, atmospheric and addictive – if the writers can weave all the clues and ideas together in the end, this will probably be stapled as LOST is the best show ever in television. Catch all eps Lost Download here..