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Friday, September 26

Unseen Austen on BBC4: Pride and Prejudice Rewritten by Lydia Bennet?

Unseen Austen on BBC4

If you are in need of a roaring good laugh to start off your weekend, listen to a Podcast of Unseen Austen on BBC4. Written by Judith French, here is their description.

Impertinent young Lydia Bennet discovers that it is her sister Elizabeth who is the heroine of Pride and Prejudice and that her own love life is all offstage. She sets about putting matters right.
Just imagine Monty Python rewriting Pride and Prejudice from Lydia Bennet's 'let's party and throw decorum out the window perspective' and you only have an inkling of how campy and clever this play is. The actress who portrays Lydia Bennet (Jodi Whittaker) sounds amazingly like Julia Sawalha who played the part in the 1995 BBC/A&E mini-series Pride and Prejudice.

With the conclusion of the ITV's mini-series of Lost in Austen this week, this play will perpetuate the Austen parody parade. Enjoy!

posted by Laurel Ann, Austenprose


Charleybrown said...

Thanks for posting this link. I wasn't familiar with the shows on BBC radio.

I got a chuckle from this and enjoyed the way the characters jumped off the pages of Austen's book. Lydia's spitfire personality doesn't disappoint and I laughed when she described herself through Jane's words.

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Hi Charleybrown, I am so glad that you enjoyed Unseen Austen. I did too, and thought it quite clever, and wanted more. Lydia is such a fun character. We can look forward to Lydia Bennet's Story next month from author Jane Odiwe!

Cheers, Laurel Ann