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Saturday, January 17

Heathcliff: Who is Your Favorite?

Masterpiece Classic will be showing Wuthering Heights Sunday nights January 18th & 25th, 9 PM EST on your local PBS stations. Tom Hardy plays the new Heathcliff. However, this book has been adapted many times for film and the theatre. Over the years, who is your favorite Heathcliff? Inquiring minds want to know. Read Vic's review on Remotely Connected, and a tongue in cheek description of Heathcliff and Cathy on Jane Austen's World.

Tom Hardy, 2008 Masterpiece Classic version.

A dark and unhandsome Heathcliff who seeks revenge and is a tortured soul.

Sir Laurence Olivier, Heathcliff in the classic 1939 William Wilder film

A "Gypsy" Heathcliff and wildly romantic. Only 1/2 the tale is told in this film. Along with Mr. Darcy, this role made Olivier's career in films

Ralph Fiennes in the 1992 film version of Wuthering Heights

A cross between a revengeful and romantic Heathcliff. This version presents the complete novel.

Timothy Dalton in 1970 Wuthering Heights - a more gentle retelling of the tale.

Watch him in a clip at Cathy's grave. free polls
Favorite Heathcliff
Tom Hardy Laurence Olivier Ralph Fiennes Timothy Dalton
There are more Heathcliff actors (see link below). Even the singer Cliff Richards played him. But the above actors are the most well-known. Which is your favorite?

The Character of Heathcliff: The Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights.


Genevieve said...

Ralph Fiennes~ Sigh....

Nonna said...

They are all great performances, but Ralph Fiennes is the perfect Heathcliff: brooding, conflicted, cruel,abusive,unforgiving, haunted and tragically obsessed !

I am so glad I found this my circle of friends, it is very hard to have a decent conversation about any of my fav books, movies, TV and authors...this has given me an outlet for my opinions and made me so happy I have read all that you all discuss here...My profound thanks !


Vic said...

So nice to have you visit, Lynn. And yes, Genevieve and Lynn, I like Ralph too. Though Laurence Olivier will always be my first Heathcliff.

laura said...

Wasn't the Ralph Fiennes version in 1992? It's really hard to choose between them all...*sigh*

Vic said...

Absolutely right, Laura. The column I lifted the info off was written in 2001.

KT said...

after watching part 1 of the new wuthering heights tonight I still think that Ralph Fiennes will be my favorite heathcliff, although Tom Hardy is an interesting heathcliff. I also appreciate how they stuck to the story line in the 1992 adaption. :)

Anonymous said...

2009 and 1998 are my favorites, much better than Hollywood crap. Tom Hardy is hot and definately the best Heathcliff I've seen. His portrayal surpasses the others. I found the 1992 version unbearable.

Anonymous said...

This is the best Adaptation ever. Heathcliff, never leave me. Tom Hardy is i think one of the best actors of this time, and im not speaking of hes loocks. Hes like a cameleon, amazing actor. He is this adaptation, he is Wuthering Heights. I have read the book 4 times, never get bored, and watch this film like 20 times.
Obsseced? me? think so.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog active or??