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Tuesday, April 14

Spring Cleaning/Spring Break

Laurel Ann and Vic are on a very short hiatus until this weekend, but we promise to be back with more Jane Austen related information.

Meanwhile, why not explore some of the wonderful links in our sidebar or the posts on our respective websites: Austenprose and Jane Austen's World.

See you soon.


Nonna said...

Have fun you two...I'll miss you !

ChaChaneen said...

Enjoy your mini break! See you soon~

Janeite Deb said...

A well-deserved mini-break! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

A question for when you return....

Did you know "they're" making a Pride and Prejudice comic book??

Perhaps by Nancy Butler?

Will you do anything on that?

Huh.....3 questions for when you return.... :)

Vic said...

Hi Anon, Laurel Ann has been covering the Marvel Comics Pride and Prejudice comics. Click here for our second post on the topic:

and here for the first: