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Tuesday, June 30

Announcing The Grand Sophy

Can anything be more delightful than a lazy summer afternoon stretched out in an easy chair by the sea, pool, or lakeside reading a new book? July is a particularly good month for Jane Austen and Regency romance fans, as you can see with:

The Grand Sophy

The sweet, retiring niece that Lady Ombersley expected as a house guest turns out to be an opinionated and sophisticated Regency glamazon. Arriving in a stylish chaise and four, the well traveled Miss Sophy Stanton-Lacy breezes through the entryway of the Ombersley's elegant London townhouse with dog, birdcage, and monkey in tow. She quickly sizes up the dysfunctional household and determines to set things right. Added to the mix are a stuffed shirt hero with a heart of gold, a jealous fiancee, and an assortment of needy but interesting characters who require Sophy's intervention. Sparks fly the moment Sophy meets Charles, who disapproves of almost everything Sophy does. Their verbal exchanges are among the best that Georgette Heyer has written. In fact, The Grand Sophy's characters, language, plot, and setting are all outstanding. After I turned the last page of this amusing book, I felt a pang of disappointment that this rollicking tale had come to an end.

The Grand Sophy comes out tomorrow, July 1. During this month look for an incredible giveaway contest from Source Books on this blog.


Nonna said...

This book sounds like great fun to read and I will add it to my summer reading list post haste ! Thanks !

Laura's Reviews said...

I love Georgette Heyer. I haven't read this novel - it sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I'm about halfway through The Grand Sophy now and can definitely say I'll feel disappointed when it's over -- I love it! It's my first introduction to Heyer, and I'm far from disappointed!