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Tuesday, June 23

Jane Austen's Sewing Box

"My mother desires me to say that she will knit one for you, as soon as you return to chuse the colours & pattern." Jane Austen to Cassandra Austen, 1807.

Jane Austen's Sewing Box by Jennifer Forest is a new angle on Jane Austen – combining the craft revolution with our love of Jane Austen. The author researched the craft worked by Jane Austen, her characters and her circle of friends and family, put the craft in its historical and literary context and used real Regency objects to inspire craft projects for the modern crafty person (for example she uses modern materials and tools which are true to the period but can be easily purchased today).

The book is available online from many stores already and comes out in the UK in July 2009.


Deb said...

Can't wait to see this--do we know if it's going to be released in the US???

Lynnae said...

Wow, that sounds like fun!

Vic said...

Eventually, I imagine, Deb. The publishing business wastes no time these days!

Nonna said...

I will never get over the creativity that has sprung and been inspired by Jane fun !

Elle said...

I was given this for my birthday, I've already made the tippet:

Lovely book, I recommend :)

Unknown said...

Your tippet looks great! I really like mine that I made for the book - maybe we could start a tippet revival! They are elegant and snuggly and don't flap around in the wind like a scarf!