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Friday, January 22

Follow Friday: Kali of the Emma Adaptations Pages

Kali Pappas is the preeminent online authority of movie adaptations of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. On her lovely and informative website the Emma Adaptations Pages, you will find a hub of resources including production information, casting, images, reviews and her insights and impressions on all of the Emma adaptations and variations such as Clueless.

Be sure to take her popular Austen Heroine Quiz to discover if you could be an Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood. (I am Fanny Price! Surprised?)

You can follow Kali on Facebook, Twitter and at her strangegirl blog. She will also be co-hosting the Emma Twitter Party along with Vic and myself on Sunday, January 24th, 9:00-11:00 PM ET on Twitter and Tweetgrid brought to us by the great folks at Masterpiece Classic PBS.

Visit the Emma Adaptations Pages
Read Kali’s post here on Fashionable Emma Woodhouse
Visit the official Emma Twitter Party page at Masterpiece Classic

Cheers, Laurel Ann, Austenprose


tanyeshka said...

Aw, thanks for making me feel important. :D

Deana Sidney said...

This is such great fun, thanks for sharing! I just found your blog and it's remarkable!

Nigel said...

Fanny Prize is an excellent heroine and one of the better Austen characters. Kudos for your quiz results.

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

You are most welcome Kali, and yes Nigel, Fanny Price is an excellent heroine.