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Monday, March 15

Sense & Sensibility Comics Available on May 10

Marvel Comics first turned Pride and Prejudice into a comic book, and now it is Sense and Sensibility's turn. Look for the comics arrival on May 10.

For my part, I prefer these looser, softer illustrations by Sonny Liewe (below) over the first set of comics by Hugo Petrus (above).

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Thanks to Katherine, I found this image on DeviantArt


Sissa said...

Ya! So getting. ^^

Katherine said...

I came across Sonny's deviantArt awhile back, some more sketches of the comic are there:

Unknown said...

I did subscribe to the P&P comic so I'd be sure to get the entire set. It was a fun little diversion. Thanks for the heads up on this one! Quick question - I followed the S&S link to the Marvel website, and when I click "subscribe," S&S doesn't appear to be listed. Am I just missing something, or do you think that option is not available yet?

Vic said...

Ruth: As soon as it is available I am sure you will be able to click on it to order it. Vic

Nonna said...

This new comic is much more delicate and pretty to look at than the P & P comic...I'm all for promoting Jane Austen's works in this form !!! Thanks !