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Tuesday, April 27

Jane Austen in Rome

Lady Bertram and Captain Wentworth? No, way!
Tom Bertram and Jane Fairfax? She always pick a bad boy!
Mr. Collins and Mr. Elliot? What a duo!
Mr. Bingley! When you became so serious and accomplished?

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


Alexa Adams said...

Rome is one of my absolutely favorite televisions series ever produced. It is such an entirely different world than Austen, and it is a testament to the talent of these actors that they can play such disparate roles. Particularly amusing is the fact that Caesar played Captain Wentworth in one Persuasion and Brutus Mr. Elliot is another.

Heather Carroll said...

I'm with Alexa, Rome is my all-time favourite show!

Enid Wilson said...

LOL, Collins in Roman costume, what a hoot!

Steamy Darcy

Cinthia said...

And do not forget:

Indira Varma - Kiran Bingley in B&P, who was Niobe in Rome
Guy Henry - John Knigthley in E3 and Collins in LiA who was Cassius in Rome, so it was him in close association with Mr. Elliot (P3) - Brutus.
Roger Hammond - Mr. Musgrove in P2, who played a minor role as Chief Augur in the series.

So that makes 10 Austen graduates in a tv series.

Anonymous said...


Raquel said...


I completely agree with you about Rome "absolutely favorite"!

Raquel said...

Sorry, I should have said: Alexa and Heather Carrol.

Raquel said...


Mr. Collins, poor dear...

Raquel said...


I didn't remember Roger Hammond... shame on me!

LiA and B&P, I haven't see yet.

S and family said...

I've never seen Rome. Now I've gotta hunt it down if everyone here speaks so highly of it!