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Tuesday, April 20

Mr. Collins and Me

I love Mr. Collins. Yes! I love him quite as much as Mr. Bennet.

I once had another blog about books called The Residence of the Gods. I placed advertisements on it, not just for Google, but also for other companies. One of these was an American Company that I prefer not mention by name. Our association was simple, but our preliminary exchanges required some clarification and our letters and e-mails were more numerous than usual in this type of business.

The first e-mail I received was signed by a certain J. Collins. I need not say of whom I immediately thought!

I replied in my best English: “Dear Mr. Collins ...”

The next e-mail Mr. Collins sent was less formal and signed with just a “J”. So I answered to “J”. But in my next message I could not restrain myself and I went back to writing: “Dear Mr. Collins,” which I used until our last correspondence.

I am sure that my dear Mr. J. Collins has never received so many formal letters conducting business over the internet. Poor dear. What he must have thought of me! A crazy Lady (de Brazil) from the Tropics.

David Bamber, my favourite Mr. Collins, in Pride and Prejudice, 1995

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


Elena said...

David Bamber, my favourite Mr. Collins too!

Harriet said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Mr. Collins! All of my friends think he's the world's biggest creeper. I just found him dork-ily hilarious :)

The Editrix said...

:-D Made me smile. . . the dangers of conducting a correspondence with a Janeite - particularly if your surname happens to be Collins, Bennet, Firth. . .

Harriet, I agree! I think it's only in some of the film adaptations (P&P 1995, Lost in Austen) that he is portrayed as "creepy". In the book (and P&P 1980), he is - well - dorki-ly hilarious is a great way to put it!

Raquel said...


I like very much David Bamber. I love him as Cicero in Rome.

Raquel said...


nice to meet you!

My friends, too, think that he is a horrible man.

Raquel said...

The Editrix,

I didn't know how dangerous I was, as a Janeite, until meeting Mr. J. Collins! LOL

Nonna said...

I find Mr. Collins hilarious and David Bamber is my fav portrayal of the character. He is also honest, practical, sincere and a duty bound type of guy although he can be ridiculous and so very pompous...a perfect Vicar !!!

Jenny Allworthy said...

David Bamber is the BEST Mr. Collins and so funny. I love the way you can read his mind when he is talking. And the sweating! No wonder Jennifer Elhe kept bursting out laughing as Lizzy. The laughing was probably real.

Charity U said...

My favorite is Lady Catherine. She's hilarious! But Mr. Collins is another top fav. He's my dad's favorite.

Sophia - Elizabeth said...

David Bamber is also my favorite Mr. Collins, even though the guy in "Lost in Austen" creeped me out! But in P&P 1995, he was hilarious, and I totally agree with Jenny Allworthy, I too understood why Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy kept laughing at him! He was so laughable poor man!