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Wednesday, May 5

Jane Austen Society in Brazil (JASBRA) 2nd Annual Meeting

Inquiring readers: Adriana Sardini, a Brazilian translator of Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park, began the Jane Austen Society of Brazil in June 2009. This year, the organization will hold its 2nd Annual Meeting in beautiful Rio de Janeiro on June 3rd .

In Adriana's words: "We decided to create the society to study Jane Austen's works and to make friends too! This year, we're going to have our Second Annual Meeting in Rio de Janeiro! I think more people will come because it is easy for people to take flights or buses to Rio!

The Society's invitation says: "When Regency meets the Brazilian Empire." For the invitation, our organization used old pictures from Rio to connect with the lovely paiting of Jane Austen. In the 19th Century the Portuguese Court moved to Brazil, where Emperor Pedro I reigned. (The second and last Emperor of Brazil was Pedro II.) This explains why Adriana translated Jane's novels from English into Portuguese.

Watch Adriana and a fellow translator in an interview, which also features A Woman's Wit, the recent Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library. Click on this link to Jane Austen's World to view it. The second part of the interview will be showcased next week.

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