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Wednesday, October 6

Hats and Bonnets in Pride and Prejudice, 1980

The costumes of the 1995 and 2005 film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice are fairly familiar to us, but images of Pride and Prejudice 1980 are not as prevalent. Just for fun, this post identifies the cast through the hats and bonnets they wear.
Lizzie Bennet's (Elizabeth Garvie) straw hat with blue ribbon made an appearance in several scenes. At top left she is talking to Jane (Sabina Franklyn), who wears a a short slat bonnet.
Mrs. Bennet (Priscilla Morgan) has a cap of every shape and size for every occasion. In this montage she appears with Mr.Bennet (Moray Watson) and Mr. Collins (Malcolm Rennie).
Jane wears a feminine version of a shako.
Hats help to define the character. Georgiana Darcy (Emma Jacobs) looks chic and elegant in her poke bonnet and expensive lace veil. Mary and Kitty (Claire Higgins) are becomingly girlish in ther plain straw bonnets. Flighty Lydia spent every penny she had on a frilly bonnet she didn't like, and has plans to refurbish her new hat.
Lizzie and Mary (Tessa Peake-Jones) wear hooded capes. Notice their bonnets underneath the hoods.
Charlotte Lucas's (Irene Richard), ,and Lizzie's poke bonnets are made of straw. Lydia's (Natalie Ogle) straw bonnet is shaped like a slat bonnet. Mary's face is almost hidden by her poke bonnet. Mrs. Gardiner (Barbara Shelley) looks sporty in her Regency version of a cloche.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Judy Parfitt) and Mrs. Gardiner wear stylish hats befitting their  more mature looks.
Regency males wore beaver hats and top hats, and men in the militia wore shakos, like Captain Denny (Andrew Johns). (Top left to right) Mr. Darcy (David Rintoul) doffs his hat as Mr. Bingley (Osmund Bullock) greets Jane Bennet. Mr. Gardiner's (Michael Lees) and Mr. Wickham's (Peter Settelen) top hats are made of beaver fur, and Mr. Collins's hat denotes his status as a minister. 
Charlotte and Lizzie contemplate Mr. Collin's waterproof hat "in case he falls into the water."
In case you have not seen this screen adaptation of Jane Austen's most popular book, Netflix has made the film available for instant streaming. For those who think this 30-year-old film might be too old-fashioned, give it a chance. There are many fine moments in it.


Anonymous said...

I'd never taken notice of all the different bonnet and hat shapes. What a wonderful post!
(I confess I am thoroughly in love with Jane's hat - it is exactly what I should like to wear.)

Raquel said...


I do love the Mr. Collin's waterproof hat!

Nonna said...

I love hats, bonnets and all the pretty laces, feathers and bows connected with them. So feminine, just my style !