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Tuesday, November 30

Mansfield Park 1859 edition for sale

This lovely book is on sale for $ 749.99 by Ron Likes History.

Based on information from e-Bay, this Mansfield Park exemplar was published in New York by Derby & Jackson in 1859, and it is the first edition of the book in the United States.

I have no way to tell whether or not it is the very first American edition. Perhaps one of Jane Austen Today's genteel readers will know of or even have a copy of this issue.

I would love to know more about the book.

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


Vic said...

Hi Raquel:

Kathryn Sutherland says in her introduction to a Penguin edition of Mansfield Park that the first American release was in 1832 (1250 copies)by Carea and Lee of Philadelphia.

Introduction by Kathryn Sutherland

Click here to read more about the Derby Brothers, who published the 1859 edition: The Derby Brothers

Cinthia said...

Gilson's Bibliography of Jane Austen also confirms what Vic says, Raquel.

That the real 1st American edition of MP is from 1832 by Carey and Lea, it is classified as B4.

Before this 1859 edition by Derby, there are some other American editions of MP.

Carey and Lea reprinted it again in 1839. It is listed as E1 in Gilson's.

Then by Carey and Hart in 1845 (E5).

Furthermore, the Derby and Jackson first printing of MP was really in 1857 (E24). Gilson adds that it was reprinted in 1859.

So there you have it. The 1859 is NOT the first American edition and NOT even the first printing of the novel by that publishing house.


Eliza Martin said...

A lot of British novels were published illegally in America. "Illegally" because they would reprint a book word for word without paying the author or original publisher, but otherwise look perfectly legitimate. It wouldn't surprise me to hear there were bootlegged versions of the book in America before a legal printing.
That said, what a beautiful copy posted here. Makes me wish I had money for something that nice.

Raquel said...


I always read with some skepticism ad sales because sometimes people are not very well informed.

Thank you, I'll add that data in my post.

Raquel said...


how many informations! Love it!

More books to buy (Gilson's Bibliography of Jane Austen ), oh my...

Raquel said...


I would love to have more money to buy more books, too!