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Thursday, December 9

Snow at Chawton and Chawton Cottage

Gentle readers, Tony Grant from London Calling and contributor to this blog and Jane Austen's World shot these beautiful images during last week's snow in England. We see so many pictures of Chawton and Chawton Cottage in spring and summer with tourists all around. One can hear the silence in this waning light. Just lovely.
Village street (with Chawton Cottage at left). Image @Tony Grant
Chawton Cottage side door. Image @Tony Grant
Chawton Cottage sign. Image @Tony Grant
Across the fields. Image @Tony Grant
Chawton grounds in snow. Image @Tony Grant
Chawton fields with Chawton House in the distance. Image @Tony Grant

Chawton House grounds. Image @Tony Grant
To Chawton House. Image @Tony Grant
Chawton House in golden light. Image @Tony Grant
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Anonymous said...


Eliza Martin said...

I love the photos here. What a good idea for a winter-centric post.

Anna said...

Lovely photos! And to think it was just a few months ago that I saw the very same places in glorious sunshine...

Raquel said...

Tony and Vic

Do you want a little heat? I would trade for a little bit of snow ...

Gorgeous photos!

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

These photos are so beautiful. Just curious about the side door to the cottage. There are actually two doors, and one has a very deep doorway. Why is that?

TONY said...

Hi Jean, thanks for your kind comment.

At one time the cottage was split into smaller units, a number of small cottages in one. This might be the reason for the two doors in the side. However the second door leads into the kitchen.It could just have been a servants entrance.

Most houses in the 18th century had a number of doors for various purposes, servants, kitchen staff, the main door and so on.

When you get to visit yourself, the people who run the cottage are extremely knowledgeable about the cottage, the Austen family and Jane. I am sure they would be able to tell you exactly.

On the road side of the cottage there is a third door. This was the original front door the Austens would have used.

Oh, there is also a door leading from the backyard into the cottage.

Thanks evrybody for all your great comments.

Raquel, we would love a bit of heat here at the moment. You can have as much cold as you want.

Raquel said...

Tony dear

LOL! I will put one, just one, photo at my Jane to send everybody here Jane Austen Today to delight with your golden photos