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Saturday, February 19

Sir John Soane's Renovated Rooms

Sir John Soane's rooms to open after £7 million restoration.

Rendering of Soane's bedroom
The private apartments of the London architect Sir John Soane are to be opened to the public for the first time since his death more than 170 years ago, after a £7million restoration which will take three years.

Soane's model room
A public appeal was launched today to raise the final £500,000 needed for the transformation of the rooms in the Soane Museum, which was established by Sir John at his home in Lincoln's Inn Fields, Holborn. Read the rest of this article at this link.

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TONY said...

Hi Vic,
I was in Sir John Soanes house last year. It was open for free during Open House Weekend in London.Marilyn and I always choose a couple of houses to visit during the Open weekend. We chose his house last year and another modern house in Wimbledon He actually owned three houses side by side.One was used to house his architectural models and where he lived and he had his design studio (The only surviving design studio from the 18th century. I think he lived in that house. The house to the right of the museum he rented out. The house to the left of the Museum which was not open to the public last year, was where he lived for a while too. Perhaps it is that building which has been renovated.

When I went I had a good look at the books in his library. I was thinking at the time of doing a post about 18th century libraries. I wasn't allowed to take photographs of the interior. So I tried to memorise the sorts of books I saw on his bookshelves. Well that wasn't going to work. My memory and all that.

I do rememberer some though.

Lots on Ancient Greek history, atlases, a variety of dictionaries. Although Dr Johnsons Dictionary became the definitive dictionary it is interesting to remember others had a go at creating dictionaries too.

Things like Chaucer and Shakespeare, Byron etc. The sort of thing you would expect. SEE I have only a vague general memory of them all.

I have some pictures of the exterior of the houses. I'll send them to you Vic.