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Tuesday, March 1

Jane Austen First Day Cover

I've always wanted to have one set of the four stamps with Jane Austen's characters. Last month, visiting eBay, that "road to perdition", I found them by just one pound and a half. What surprised me when I received my order was the beautiful envelope with the images of Emma and Mr Woodhouse.

First Day Cover, Jane Austen Commemorative Stamps
It was a First Day Cover envelope! If you, like myself, do not know about that day, you can read more about it at this link: First Day Cover.

The Jane Austen First Day Issue was made available on October 22nd, 1975 to celebrate the bicentenary of the year of Jane Austen's birth.

There are a lot envelopes about this date, some of them on this site: BFDC. Or eBay...

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Portugues


Charleybrown said...

Ahh they're lovely, I have a fascination for stamps inherited by my father! I hope you've already chosen a place to display them!

Raquel said...


not yet, but I will!

LittleMiss said...

I have this set of stamps and a set of the postcards with the Stamp images on them, I too picked them up on ebay for a bargain price of 99p plus postage

sroe said...

I have all of these, with the various postmarks which were given on the journey.. I think they recreated a stagecoach journey? My grandmother sent them all to me at the time