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Wednesday, April 13

Peeps and Prejudice and S'mores

Since the Washington Post held its first Peeps Diorama Contest in 2007, thousands of sweet and sticky entries looking for the true masters of the mallow medium have been submitted. The finalists of the fifth annual Peeps Diorama Contest were announced today. Click here to vote for your favorite peeps diorama.  Meanwhile, enjoy two of last year's finalists and a semi-finalist.

Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies, Semi-Finalist in Peeps Show IV
Dioramists Dayle Cristinzio of Silver Spring, MD and Kasey Gillette of the District depict a ballroom scene with traditional dancing and zombie mayhem in "Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies." Complete with period costumes, an original peep oil painging and a working chandelier, how can one not fall in love with this Easter dramatization of a most beloved Jane Austen/Seth Grahame-Smith mashup.

Where the Wild Peeps Are by Margaret Cooney and Adam Matuszeski

Creating a Masterpeeps by Phyllis Mayes

From Washington Post Lifestyle: Last Year's Fourth Annual Peeps Show

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