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Saturday, May 14

Brighton Pier

Jane Austen fans know about Lydia Bennet's escapades in Brighton, which resulted in her elopement with Wickham. Tony Grant. a frequent contributer to this blog, took images of the pier in that ancient British resort town, whose origins go back to the days of the Saxons when the town was known as Brighthelmstun (although it is conjectured that it was a place of some note for the Romans a well).
Royal Pavilion close up. Image @Tony Grant
The town grew in popularity after the Prince Regent made it his resort of choice. In 1822, five years after Jane Austen's death, a Chain Pier was erected. At 1,134 feet in length, with a promenade 13 feet wide, and with an admission fee of 2 pence (or subscription fee), one can imagine that visitors had ample opportunity to meet new friends and greet acquaintances along their leisurely stroll.
Chain Pier, 1836
Today,  Brighton looks vastly different.

Image @Tony Grant

Image @Tony Grant

Under Brighton Pier. Image @Tony Grant

Along Brighton Pier. Image @Tony Grant

Antique Centre. Image @Tony Grant
Looking out a window at Brighton Pier. Image @Tony Grant


Cristina (Rochester Reader) said...

I really enjoyed this post and the pictures. I miss Brighton right now :-) Thank you for sharing these!

sarah said...

thanks for posting. Brighton is my hometown, Lived in the states for 18 years but miss home too

Anna said...

It was great to see some views of Brighton. I've yet to visit this part of Austen country!