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Friday, June 10

Fish and Chips Friday

Gentle Readers, earlier this week Tony Grant wrote an illuminating post for Jane Austen's World about Brighton during the 19th century and today. As usual, he peppered the article with photographs; so many, that they did not all fit comfortably into the post. In his spare time, Tony acts as a guide for visitors, and squires them around England. During one of those excursions he stopped at a fish and chips takeaway.
Tony's fish and chips dinner, with salt and vinegar
When one thinks of take away food in England, fish and chips come uppermost to one's mind. The history of this dish is rather recent. Pommes frites arrived in Britain from France in the 18th century, and chips were first mentioned in 1854 by a chef in Shilling Cookery. Initially the dish was made separately. Breaded fried fish was sold in fish warehouses around 1830, and it wasn't until 1870 or so that the first fish and chips shop opened in either London's East End or the textile factory districts of northern England.
There are around 11,000 fish and chips (chippie) shops in Britain today.
This one is in Brighton.
In 1910 there were about 25,000 fish and chip businesses in Britain, by 1927, there were around 35,000 family-owned shops, and around 11,000 are open today.

 Fish (cod or haddock) and chips compare favorably to other take away food. The dish has an average of 595 calories per portion, compared to a Big Mac meal with medium fries, which has 888. There are no fish and chips shops in Richmond, VA, but one can order the dish at Joe's Inn, which is quite tasty.


Eliza Martin said...

I love fish and chips. Thanks for the cool post.

StephVG said...

Thanks for the RVA recommendation! I'm originally from Richmond, and we still have family in the area, so I get there a couple times a year. Joe's Inn isn't too far from where my family lives, so I'll have to try it next time we're there! Yay!

Enid Wilson said...

I like their chips, but not so keen on the fish, too oily.

Chemical Fusion

TONY said...

The fish and chips were fried in sunflower oil. The fish was fresh that morning and light and fluffy and tasted delicious.
I likre to use malt vinegar, because that is traditional and tastes , well, like fish and chips should. Most shops have sea salt which again adds to that traditional taste. I love a nice fish and chips every now and then!!!!!!
We sat in a fish and chip shop overlooking the sea front. It is such a British thing to do.


Anonymous said...

When I was growing up on LI our housekeeper was from Birmingham. She and her partner ran a fish and chips stand for many years before she came to us. I can tell you she was a fantastic cook. Anything she made was amazing, so don't underestimate the talent of cooks in fish and chips shops.

Rogue Butterfly said...

Best fish and chips I ever had was on a vacation and we were in a pub in Greenwich on a perfectly cozy rainy afternoon. T'was my first experience of fish and chips and nothing will ever measure up to it, unless I someday find that same pub on a rainy afternoon.