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Sunday, July 17

Jane Austen Alcofrolic Throwdown

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Summer time and the living is easy. Jane Austen aficionados are aware of their favorite author's taste for wine. What if she lived in the 21st century? Would she have developed a liking for martinis as well? Several years ago, Laurel Ann from Austenprose came up with the drink, Austentini. Which description would make you want to order an Austentini?

A: Well-mannered and dry, with a splash of originality and zest. This combination of flavors will make you want more.

B: Old-fashioned yet daring, with a twist of sour. This seemingly plain drink has unexpected depths and layers.

C: Perfection barely contained, with long-lasting notes that will appeal to the most demanding and finicky palates.
Jane Austen Alcofrolic Throwdown
Austentini A
Austentini B
Austentini C free polls


Raquel said...

"Old-fashioned yet daring"

I am a old-fashioned girl!

Dear Vic,

I'll put your lovely drawing at Jane Austen's library (biblioteca Jane Austen) between her images.

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Vic, love the drawing! I voted for A. Was shocked to see the recipe called for vodka rather than gin! I'm sure Jane would insist on gin, just as I do!

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

LOL Vic. You are a card. Thanks for the shout out on the recipe. Austentini's are quite tasty and potent.