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Sunday, July 24

Jane Austen Shopping Throwdown

Jane Austen writes of shopping in London whenever she visited, and of making purchases on behalf of friends. If you were in Jane's shoes, which shops would interest you the most?

Ackermann's Repository, a picture and print shop

Ackermann's Repository was located in the Strand
Wedgwood and Byerly showrooms with beautiful China
Wedgwood and Byerly showrooms
The linen drapers, where one could purchase bolts of cloth, stockings, caps, and bonnets.

Harding and J Howell linen drapers
Covent Garden, with it market stalls of fresh goods, flowers, and freshly butchered meat
Covent Garden's open market stalls
The Burlington Arcade was a small covered shopping center off Picadilly

The Burlington Arcade served as a mini mall
Book stores, such as Hatchard's on Picadilly and this quaint shop off St. Martin's Lane

Rundell and Bridge, jewelers to the Crown was located further down in Ludgate.

Rundell and Bridge (Left), located in Ludgate.
Image @Austenonly
Which of these shops would interest you the most on your visit to London?

Jane Austen Shopping Throwdown: I'd visit
Ackermann's Print Repository
Wedgewood showrooms
The linen drapers
Covent Garden market stalls
The Burlington Arcade
Book stores
Rundell and Bridge jewellers
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Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Vic, I would prefer to stay home and let the shopkeepers come to me! How's that?!

Vic said...

On a hot day like today, YES!!

Jenny Allworthy said...

Hatchard's and the Burlington Arcade are still there! London is an amazing place that way.

I'd be lost in a book store as usual!

Nonna said...

Wonderful poll..
1. Bookstore ( hard to pry me from the place )
2. Wedgewood
3. Jewelers