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Thursday, August 18

Pride and Prejudice Arrives in Brazilian Theatres

Every weekend this past July the citizens of São Paulo had the pleasure of watching Pride and Prejudice on stage. As far as I am aware this is the first staging of a Jane Austen novel in Brazil. The Fora de Foco Group was formed in October, 2003 by members of several groups from the Drama Festival Cultura Inglesa, an English language school in Brazil.The group's goal is to present plays by British authors in Portuguese. Their repertoire consists of Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare and, now, Jane Austen, much to the delight of Brazilian Janeites.
Pride and Prejudice – Grupo Fora de Foco – Brazil
All the performances were lovely, including those of even the most minor characters, like Hill, Mrs. Bennet's maid, and Fosset, the Bingley's butler. Mr. Bennett had a book in hand during most of his scenes, and our dear Mrs. Bennet talked in her familiar shrill tones! Mary Bennet almost busted our ear drums with her recital, and Kitty acted a bit naughty. Lydia acted as coquettishly as ever. Knowing about Mr Wickham's charms, we can understand her behavior.

Mr. Bingley, I believe, must have been chosen for his smile – the clear and sincere smile we all know so well, and which is so very different from the smile of his beautiful and elegant but snobbish sister, Miss Bingley..
Guilherme Magalhães as Mr. Darcy and Alice Martins as Elizabeth Bennet
We recognized Lizzy instantly by her very fine eyes and Jane Bennet by her sweetness. And what can I say about Mr. Darcy? I can only confirm what his housekeeper said about him – that he is the most sweet tempered and generous-hearted man. Guilherme Magalhães, our Mr. Darcy – yes, now we Brazilians can say OUR Mr. Darcy! – also acted as the spokeman for the Group.He kindly gave us an interview and permission to publish these photos.

Jane Austen's characters have finally all arrived in Brazil, from the Bennets to the Darcys, the Bingleys, and the Gardiners. Even the militia was not forgotten, their presence reminding us about our love for Jane Austen!
Alice (Lizzy) (Alice), Guilherme (Mr. Darcy), Roger (my dear Mr. Collins) and me!

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Photos © Yuri Pallaro

Submitted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


Raquel said...

Dear Vic,

thanks for posting.

We, here in Brazil, who can watch the play, are very proud to be able to say "our Mr. Darcy!"

Raquel said...

Completing my comment: and also saying, our Pride and Prejudice! Our Lizzy, our, I mean, MY Mr. Mollins, and so on!

Yuri Pallaro said...

That's so awesome to see my pictures on international waters =)

Anonymous said...

Raquel, twice before this I've seen P&P here in Brazil. Once it was in the Cultura Inglesa Drama Festival and the other one was performed also in Cultura Inglesa, but not part of the Drama Festival, although I'm not sure of who was the group responsible for the production.

Debra Brown said...

What fun a play is! I was leading lady once and it was the most fun I ever had.

I'd love to see this play in Portugese. I may be able to understand it; I know Spanish and I know Pride and Prejudice, lol.

Guilherme said...

Dear Vic,
Thanks a lot for posting this. You can't imagine how happy all the group is about this. Our best gift is to watch how far this play has gone and the way it touched all the Jane Austen's fans' hearts!
Thank you so much for all your love!
Guilherme Magalhaes (Darcy)

Gi said...

I am so, so sad I wans´t able to watch the play! I hope one day there´ll be P&P again in theathers.

Vic said...

Hi Everyone,

I am SO glad that Pride and Prejudice was featured as a play in Brazil and that your production was so successful. Thank you for letting me post this announcement on my blog!

I wish all the actors much success in the future. May you put on another classic that we can feature state side!

Cassy said...

That is a must to watch!

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons