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Friday, January 13

Jane Austen in Brazil

The title sounds like a movie, we know, but that is a testament of how popular Jane Austen has become the world over. Raquel Sallaberry, who writes Jane Austen em Português, is a regular contributor to this blog. She sent in this item about a new series of books to be published in Brazilian Portuguese.

Loredano's book covers

Last year in Brazil, we had a number of Jane Austen editions of books published, among them a collection of pocket books from Nova Fronteira & Saraiva DeBolso Press. This press publishes classics, but so far had none for Jane Austen out. So, they reprinted the first translation in Portuguese by Lúcio Cardoso, of Jane Austen, Orgulho e preconceito (Pride and Prejudice). Razão e sentimento (Sense and Sensibility) and Emma, both translated by the poet Ivo Barroso, are also part of this collection.

The cover of the books are drawn by cartoonist Loredano, which surprised Brazilian Jane Austen fans, who were accustomed to more conventional covers. Most of them didn't like the cover.

I can't remember seeing Jane Austen's caricature in her English book covers. Are there any?


TONY said...

Hi Raquel. I hope your New Year has started well?

The book covers do look as though they been designed to suit an interior designers wishes rather than those of a true Jane Austen fan. They will look good in a minimalist room!!!!

All the best,

MomWaldsPlace said...

I'm sure it is simply a cultural difference. Although, I admit that like many others I like to romanticize Austen and her era, and imagining it much lovelier than it actually was. These covers do not really lend themselves to the fantasy.