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Monday, April 30

Colin Firth comes to the defense of a small Brazilian tribe under siege

Gentle readers, Raquel Sallaberry from Jane Austen em Português has resurfaced to discuss a very important issue in Brazil. She informs us that Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy) is supporting the Awá-Guajá tribe from Amazonia and asking the Brazilian government to take measures to protect "the tribe most threatened of the world".

Click here to see a video of the tribe.

Awá-Guajá tribe
The tribe Awa-Guajá has about 360 survivors - with one hundred of them have ever had contact with the white man. Due to the violent action of illegal loggers and ranchers who invade reserves, Survival believes that the Awas are the tribe most endangered on the planet. Along with the campaign, the NGO has launched a website with information, pictures and videos on the tribe .

Colin Andrew Firth, 52, who became known in Britain for playing Mr. Darcy in the BBC adaptation of the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin in 1995, has always been involved with the campaigns of the NGO.

The campaign proposes that the Internet, supporters of the cause the following message to send to the Minister of Justice of Brazil, via email, text or share on Facebook: "The isolated Awa are fleeing for their lives as loggers, ranchers and settlers invade their land. Please use your authority to remove the invaders and keep them off the ground forever. "

Click here for the full article, which comes with a translation.


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