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Thursday, April 19

Sense and Sensibility: Annotated and Illustrated

Margaret Sullivan, editrix of Austenblog and author of the Henry Tilney and Catherine Moreland mystery, There Must Be Murder, annotated Sense and Sensibility last year in honor of the novel's Bicentenary anniversary.The Jane Austen Centre's website features the book this month, which is illustrated by Cassandra Chouinard. Click here to read about it and ordering information!
Illustration by Cassandra Chouinard


Elizabeth said...

My daughter insisted on watching S&S last weekend (Emma Thompson version), so I decided to re-read it... I'd love to read the annotated book...althought I knew what a Nabob was : )

TONY said...

Somehow that front cover makes me think of Wuthering Heights, Vic.

TONY said...

God, I'm so slow!!!!!!!

Margaret has annotated this!!

Is it going to be published over here in the UK?

I'd love to read Margaret's notes. Failing that I'll have to ask her for a sample!!!

Mags (a/k/a Margaret C. Sullivan) said...

Tony, is that you? Write to me.

Incidentally, we're giving away a copy (digital or paperback, your choice) on AustenBlog today, along with a W.W.E.D. (What Would Elinor Do?) bracelet. Vic--I hope it's okay to post this--if not, just delete.

Unknown said...

I Love S&S, it's one of my favorites from Jane. I just recently watched the new version: "Scents and Sensibility", its a modern version. Obviously not as good as the book, but i did enjoy it!