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Saturday, January 13

Jane Austen Dolls

Regency: "Having again seen BBCs excellent adaption of Jane Austen's wonderful novel Pride and Prejudice set early in the 19th century, I simply had to dress some dolls to resemble the characters in the film. So, here are the two eldest Miss Bennets - Elizabeth returning from a walk wearing a spencer (short jacket) and bonnet, and Jane greeting her, also in a white dress. "(View picture at bottom left; click on bold words top left to see rest of the site.)

Click here for the site, Jane Austen Paper Dolls.

Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice

Anne of Persuasion


nessie said...

I am reading all of Jane Austen's books and only have Emma and Lady Susan left to go! I will definitely be using this site as a reference point when am writing the mega author post I have been planning to do for her.

Many thanks for the insight!

Lady Jane said...

Very pretty! My friend sent me the Pride & Prejudice paper doll book.

I had a Princess Di paper doll when I was little and I loved it.