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Sunday, May 20

Views of Bath Abbey

The Bath Daily Photo is one of my favorite sites to visit. Recently, James Russiello has been posting a series of photos of Bath Abbey on his blog as a tribute to Hokusai’s Fugaku Sanju Rokkei, or a series of 36 beautiful woodblock prints of Mt. Fuji

Click here to view James' marvelous series, and return often to view his unique views comparing Bath Abbey to these famous prints.


James said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and the link! As you know, my computer crashed on Friday. Ironically, I had all my photos backed up except the inner city of Bath! Yesterday, I found that those were in fact backed up so once my computer is up and running again I will try to get as much posted as possible. Will try to resume the Hokusai project although the wave might be impossible.
I don't have many more production stills from Persuasion, but I do have some from the Jane Austen Centre and have been meaning to post on Jane's Gay Street neighbor, the architect John Wood the Younger, and his Queen Sq corner townhouse.
Thanks again.

Ms. Place said...

James, My computer crashed in early April and I lost everything, including some files I can no longer duplicate.

Run, don't walk, to purchase an external hard drive. Mine is 80 gig and I feel somewhat protected now.

And you are very welcome.