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Tuesday, June 19

Are You Well Versed in England's Regency Period?

I got a nine out of ten on this quiz about the Regency Period. Darn. I was certain I would get a ten! The average score is a 6.

Click here to take the quiz


Lady Jane said...

I got 10 of 10! :) Great link!

Ms. Place said...

Fabulous! I should have known the one I missed, but I second guessed myself. Bad move.

Kathi said...


I had it right, and then changed the answer, blast it!

Lady Jane said...

Some of those were very difficult and I wasn't always 100% sure. A very good quiz!

Which did you miss?

Ms. Place said...

I missed the question regarding manners. The lady should speak first. But then I second guessed myself and chose another, that he should tip his hat or bow. But of course that wouldn't make sense. All public action must first come from the lady.

Arrggh! This WAS a good quiz, wasn't it?