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Friday, June 29

Mansfield Park

So Sorry, As of July 25, These Full Videos Are No Longer Available on YouTube. However, here is a YouTube clip summary of all three ITV Jane Austen specials for Jane Austen season.

Portsmouth Woodcut from Jane Austen Society Australia

ITV videos of Mansfield Park are available on YouTube. Click below for the first video, then look for parts 2-18 in the YouTube side bar.

"If Rushworth didn't have 12,000 pounds a year, what a stupid fellow he'd be." Edmund to Fanny in Mansfield Park 2007 ITV movie.

My Critique: This is a very disjointed and dark version of Mansfield Park. Only individuals who have read the novel can follow this plot. Click here to read the review by Gallivant, who sums this screen version up best: It isn't very flattering but unfortunately I agree.

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eric3000 said...

Oh, my gosh, that's Billie Piper! Other Eric will die!