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Thursday, June 28

Our Ideal Mr. Darcy Is ...

My dear Lizzie,

The battle has ended. It was touch and go for a time, but then my most ardent admirers voted en masse and I pulled ahead once and for all. However, lest you think I am gloating, I believe my opponent is a worthy young man. MacFadyen has not enjoyed my years of fame and fandom, and yet he gave me a good run. I salute him. As for Ms. Place, she has learned this lesson: Do not mess with a Firth or MacFadyen fan.
Ever yours, Darcy

P.S. For your amusement, I enclose this word search puzzle. Click on the words to print out a larger version. Oh, and my dear, please be aware the words can go forwards, backwards, and diagonally both ways.

Lizzie, my love,
I concede only because I must. My time will come. Wait for me.
The other Darcy

The ending vote was: Colin Firth - 64%, Matthew MacFadyen, 36%. However, the total vote was 1,218 votes. This is an enormous number of votes for a casual blog. Thank you for participating.


Lady Jane said...

What an excellent battle that was! I quite enjoyed it and I quite enjoyed reading this post!

Ms. Place said...

Thank you, Lady Jane. And you and your readers - well, I was completely impressed with your powers of Persuasion!

Icha said...

LOL! So Colin Firth won, eh? He's also my fave Darcy, he just needed to be a bit more romantic to win my heart over Macfayden.

Now, don't you dare to start a Jennifer Ehle vs Keira Knightley vote, my dear. It's gonna be a catfight then! :-D

Ms. Place said...

No, Icha, I learned my lesson.

Stephanie said...

There *is* no other Darcy for me than Mr. Firth. His dark, brooding eyes are irresistable.


(although I'm a big Alan Rickman/Colonel Brandon fan as well)

I won't state my preference for Lizzie (Jennifer Ehle)...Oops, it slipped out.

Lady Jane said...

Lol, thank you, Ms. Place!

And, actually, I was thinking it would be fun to do a favorite Lizzy vote!

Ms. Place said...

Indeed, I am entertaining the idea. But we will give Lizzie a rest for the time being. Poor thing must choose between two splendid men.

Oh, to have such a choice before me. I would not be able to sleep!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!

MrsMalcolmDarcy said...

Ms. Place,

Thank you for being so politic and for coming to visit "us" over at the Topix Forum. I'd like to think we are a civilized bunch there. (Or civilised, perhaps, I should write.)

Mr. Firth is a wonderful, handsome actor and my first Darcy. Sometimes we have to let our first go and move on, though.

Yes, the movie as whole was quite different from the mini-series, and certainly from a plot-to-plot standpoint the mini-series has the movie beat. I just love the spirit of the movie. And I LOFF Matthew Macfadyen.

He and Colin Firth would probably get a kick over we women arguing over them. What male ego wouldn't?

I agree with icha, though, let's not start a Lizzy battle.

Ms. Place said...

I agree Mrsmalcolmdarcy. A Lizzie contest just would not make sense. I had entertained the idea, but what would be the point?

I think I will stick with quizzes.