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Monday, August 6

Audio Walking Tour of Jane Austen's Bath

"Are you altogether pleased with Bath?"
"Yes, I like it very well."
Conversation between Henry Tilney and Catherine Morland, Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen's Bath, a website created by Bath Tourism Plus, offers an audio walking tour of Bath that you can download from the site. The tour of Bath takes 1 1/2 hours. You can listen to these audio casts in your MP3 player as you walk through Bath, or at home, as I have. Professionally produced, each segment takes 2-7 minutes. A colorful walking guide (see graphic above) is available as well on this fabulous site.

Although this audio guide was meant to serve as a walking tour, I am finding it a pleasure to listen to these podcasts in the comfort of my home, reliving my visit to Bath, and learning interesting details that flesh out my knowledge of Jane Austen's world.

Before you can download these free files, you are asked to fill out an extremely short form that will take about a minute. You will be asked to do this only once. Also, keep in mind that each audio file must be downloaded separately.

Audio files are divided into the following chapters:
  1. Introduction and Abbey Church Yard
  2. Thermae Bath Spa
  3. Sally Lunn House
  4. The Lower Rooms
  5. The River Avon and Pulteney Bridge
  6. Laura Place and Great Pulteney Street
  7. The Royal Mineral Water Hospital
  8. Beau Nash's House and the Theatre Royal
  9. Queen Square
  10. Gravel Walk
  11. The Royal Crescent
  12. The Circus
  13. The Assembly Rooms
  14. The Paragon
  15. Milsom Street
I have placed a permanent link to this site in my sidebar under audio and visual media.

Facade of the Pump Room

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becca said...

I've been to Bath once. Thanks for the link. I listened to the first chapter and bookmarked the site.