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Monday, August 27

Check it out

Here's the new look of the Darcy Saga site. Well done, Sharon Lathan. You can also find a wealth of photos of the 2005 P&P in her picture album.

And if you don't have time to read Jane Austen's novels, why not listen to them on your computer or Ipod?

Find Emma and Pride and Prejudice on Page 2 of this Free Classics Audio Books site

Persuasion, an ongoing series of podcasts by Nikolle Doolin. She is a professional voice actor, and is reading the novel chapter by chapter. (From Austen blog)

How did I miss this interview last year? This 30-minute podcast from BBC in 2006 features a segment about A Rambling Fancy written by Caroline Sanderston. The broadcast provides a fascinating discussion about Jane's life at Chawton Cottage and her travels throughout South Eastern England.

Last but not least, I love the covers on these Jane Austen books. My only problem is that the dresses on the book jackets are from the wrong era. Oh well. What's a little historical accuracy these days when it's the look that counts.

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