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Monday, August 27

The Regency in Second Life

Have you ever entered Second Life, the virtual 3-D digital world? Nine million people have. This site provides its residents a virtual way to experience the world and to create their own environments.

Jenca Jewell is a Maid for All Seasons who goes from one "world" to another in Second Life. (In the graphic above, she sits in the Caledon library at the Victorian World.) Jenca heard that Caledon Regency was under construction, so she stopped by the Regency Era for a while to learn more about it.

Many professors and teachers are using Second Life to teach basic concepts to their students in a hands-on, experiential way. Jenca Jewell's blogger, for example, is looking up historical sources for the sights she encounters in Second Life and posting them on her blog. The actual Caledon Regency world feels and looks Victorian at present. But over time I am sure the residents will get the details right as they learn the difference between the two eras. They are, after all, still learning, and having great fun while doing so, I am sure.


jafanficlover said...

Interesting site, I had fun poking around wondering what Regency life was really like. Great find!

Jenyca Jewell said...

Hello and thank you for the lovely write up.

I look forward to learning as much as I can.

Kind regards


Bruce said...

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