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Wednesday, August 8

Off on Holiday

Like Jane Austen, who was close to her siblings, my own family obligations are calling me away as I join kith and kin on vacation. This blog will remain relatively quiet until August 14th. Meanwhile, please enjoy this pleasant scene from a bygone day when families whiled away the evening hours in music, or read a fascinating interview with the creators of Pride and Prejudice, the musical, which sits below.

A little music or the delights of harmony, James Gillray, 1810

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Silent-Porn-Star said...

Spectacular that you will be away -- I shall spend that time with my research ;) When you return, rested, you and I can compare notes :p

Be safe and have fun!

becca said...

Have a fun vacation, Ms. Place!

Lady Jane said...

Have a lovely holiday, Ms. Place!

Icha said...

Well, take care there Ms Place! Will miss u!