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Sunday, August 19

Seen on the Blogosphere: Jane Austen Musicals

Rounds enjoy a wonderful tradition in music. One of my favorites is "Row, row, row your boat." My most recent favorite round is the information going around the blogosphere about Jane Austen musicals. Here then are a few items of interest.

  • Jane's Austen's Emma Becomes a Musical, San Francisco Chronicle: Pride and Prejudice, the musical is mentioned at the end of this article: In Mill Valley, composer-lyricist Rita Abrams and author Josie Brown have put "Pride and Prejudice" to music and are using their Web site,, to attract a theatrical producer. The complete song available this week is Changing World, when Jane falls ill and must stay at Netherfield. The song is sung by Bingley and Jane, who are falling in love, and Darcy, who is bewitched by Elizabeth's fine eyes, and Elizabeth, who is hopeful for Jane. It's a lovely tune, full of the pathos of falling in love with a little fear and trepidation.

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