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Saturday, September 29

Becoming Jane: Two Interviews

In Anne Hathaway's Jane Austen Nightmare at, Anne Hathaway describes a harrowing time during the Becoming Jane movie shoot. Bitter cold weather, and the pressure to "become" Jane and speak with a British accent took their toll. She had to return after the movie was shot to dub her voice because she was unable to consistently hold her accent during filming. The second interview from discusses the movie with James McAvoy, as well as Julian Jarrold & Robert Bernstein.

It is interesting to get a take on the film from the stars, as well as the film's producer and director. The interviews are dated, but well worth the read.


Steve Patterson said...

You have a lot of blogs about Jane Austin.


Ms. Place said...

Hi Steve, At first I didn't understand what you were saying and then I saw that my "underlying" blogs were showing. I'm glad you said something or I wouldn't have seen the problem and fixed it.

Those other blogs are sites I link to. They allow me to treat my blogs as websites. But, yes, I was bzzzz setting up the new formats. Now I can rest some. Whew!!

Oksana said...

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Ms. Place said...

Thank you for your kind words, Oksana. I am so happy that other Jane lovers like to visit my humble blog. Your message has made my day!