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Wednesday, October 24

Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy Bennet Entry for the Icon Contest

Sonetta sent in this lovely image of Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet, saying: " This is my favorite Austen character icon- Elizabeth Bennet, as played by Jennifer Ehle. It was made by _oddities on Livejournal. I love the amused look on Lizzie's face."

I agree.

Here's another icon I created titled "Sisters" (Lizzy and Jane, P&P 1995.)

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Lori Smith said...

Okay, I'm going to reveal my complete ignorance, but I want to take a shot at this. How does one go about making an icon? How do you get the pictures from the movie? And do you use Photoshop or is there something better?

Feeling old and out of it!


Ms. Place said...

Lori, I use the simplest equipment imaginable: My paint icon on my computer. (I have microsoft package)

First I stop the film or find a photo I like, then I push three keys simultaneously: Ctrl-Alt-PrtSC. This takes an image of the entire screen.

Then I click on the paint icon, and paste. I then crop a portion of the image. I go back to edit, and cut. Then I go to file and click on new. I do not save the old work. With a new screen, I click on paste. Do some last minute cropping and save the image as a JPeg. I can then play with this image in photoshop (I use a MS digital image editor.) I can play with color, edges, add text, etc.)If you have more questions, email me.

Have fun!!