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Tuesday, October 23

First Two Entries of A Walk With Jane Austen Contest Includes Anne Hathaway

Lilac Butterfly wrote, "I made this icon with Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane. :)"

And indeed what could be more perfect than an image of Jane Austen holding a book while preventing her bonnet (which she probably trimmed) from being swept by the wind?

Becca chose this icon, made by Cry Me A River, because Lizzie and Mr. Darcy "do look so radiant on their wedding day. And for me, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle define Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy."Keep your choices coming, gentle readers! Not only will you have the chance of winning a copy of Lori Smith's A Walk With Jane Austen, but I will be using your icons for my posts and making them available to others. For contest details, please read the post below.

Indeed, making icons is not as easy as I thought. Here is my second try.

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aBookworm said...

I just emailed you my icon! This is such fun :)