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Thursday, October 18

The History Wardrobe

The History Wardrobe offers "delightful costume-in-context presentations, with lively readings from contemporary authors, beautiful original items and high-quality replica garments." The Jane Austen Festival, Bath Theatre Royal goes on to proclaim that the programme is: "Rich in historical detail and marvelously funny!"

In fact, when I checked out this informative site and its offerings, I discovered that Undressing Mr. Darcy, which I featured in a post this past summer, was an idea that developed from a conversation at dinner table. Click on this link and listen to how this marvelous costume presentation was put together.

According to Gillian Stapleton, one of the founders of the troupe, "The History Wardrobe' has been in existence for 7 years, we're all professional actors and performers, and I'm the resident costume historian. I research and make all the clothes that we use for our performances, and source all the other items that we need to present a complete 'look' that is accurate for each period. We do 12 different talks, of which 'Undressing Mr Darcy' is just one, spanning 3 centuries of fashion history. Our other Regency period presentations are : 'Regency Romance' (dealing with Regency weddings, and dressing a Regency bride), and 'Frills and Frivolity' (dressing a Regency lady in everyday clothes)."

Stay tuned for future posts on this topic as I ask Gillian more questions about the founding of this fabulous company. For a Programme of Presentations in 2007, click here. Indeed, I am sad to know that this talented group of performers can be seen only in England. Perhaps we can entice The History of Wardrobe troupe to entertain us in the COLONIES one of these days.

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