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Thursday, October 18

Seen on the Blogosphere

Lori Smith's book has hit the starting gate running! Click on Following Austen to find how well her novel, A Walk With Jane Austen, is being received.

Jane Odiwe's lovely books and cards about all things Jane Austen are available on her site, Austen Effusions. I just received my set, and they arrived wrapped in such a sweet way that I was loathe to take off the ribbons. Each entry in Jane's new venture, Lydia Bennet's Journal, is accompanied by one of her original paintings, such as the detail on the right. Jane has graciously agreed to be interviewed by me, and I will post her thoughts soon.

Last, I found this site, Solitary Elegance, about Jane quite by accident and wondered why I hadn't run across it before. In it you will find the fabulous Brock illustrations of Jane's novels as well as other items of interest about Jane. Click here for her reviews of the JAS Conference in Vancouver.

Ah, what a good Austen week I'm having!

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Jaimie said...

Thanks for the links. I enjoyed reading the dishonorable mentions a couple of posts ago, especially the smooches and the Tidy-Bowl blue eyes! LOL