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Tuesday, October 2

Daily Doses of Jane Austen

Is your schedule too full to allow you to curl up in your favorite chair and read Sense and Sensibility or Persuasion? Are you experiencing Emma withdrawal symptoms but are committed to walking your dog three times per day?

There's no need to stave off your cravings for Jane's novels any longer. If you subscribe to Daily Lit, this email service will send you a daily installment of Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park to your inbox for free. Pride and Prejudice arrives promptly in my mailbox every day, and I can look forward to a total of 147 installments. Northanger Abbey, my first subscription, was divided into 92 easy-to-read parts. I read it every day for three months and enjoyed every minute of the experience.

If you prefer to listen to Jane's novels during your commute or while jogging, you can download free audio files chapter by chapter at Librivox. I've been listening to Persuasion on my MP3 player as I drive back and forth to work, and the drive has never been pleasanter.

I'm willing to bet this: If you give a daily dose of Jane a try, you'll become as addicted to the habit as I am.

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