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Tuesday, November 6

Free Walks in London Podcasts

The votes for favorite icons are coming fast and furiously, and an obvious pattern is developing! In fact, the contest is heating up between two choices. The choice for third place is also exciting. You have five more days to choose and you can vote each day, so please vote often.

Meanwhile, if travel to London is not possible in the near future, look no further. This link will take you to Free Walks in London on Your Ipod or MP3 player. You can have your vicarious thrill as you walk the dog. Or better yet, download these episodes before visiting London. October's visit takes you to Highgate. Isn't the 21st Century grand?

Meanwhile, I'm off to a conference and this blog will lie fallow until the weekend. If you haven't done so in a while, feel free to visit the Jane Austen's World website. I've added many links to the history, original sources, and social customs pages.

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